Stl file for thumb wheel body?

Hi Everyone,

I need to make a thumb wheel microscope for a friend rather than the stepper motor version. Can someone point me to the STL file?



What I meant to write was - the stl file for the thumb wheel microscope body.

I don’t think there is a version without the motor lugs at present, so all bodies are the same. I could be very wrong.

The thumbwheel is nice and tall so it lifts over the motor lugs. This way you don’t need to print a new body if you want to motorise it later. The instructions might be out of date as we used to print a body without lugs.

Thanks for the reply. On building my first attempt I managed to work it out as the gears can quite easily be rotated by hand, My build was almost done but I couldn’t find a ball ended 3mm Allen key so installing the camera module will have to wait, hopefully a ball ended set of keys will arrive tomorrow.

During the build I managed to snap an O ring insertion tool, and also snap an O ring. Just as well I printed two tools and bought 20 O rings. Another point is that the Raspberry Pi camera 2.1 doesn’t come with a lens removal tool. I’ve fitted a version 1.3 camera for testing and will replace it when I’ve made, or bought, a tool .

So far it’s been a lot of fun