Microscope configurator to select STL files

I’ve been working on an web page where you can select what type of microscope you want download exactly the right STL files. It also lets you share a link of a particular microscope configuration and previews the STL files: microscope-stls.openflexure.org


If you experience any issues with it or have any ideas on how to improve it, let me know.


Hey there, new builder here :slight_smile: where might I find the parameters for the microscope_body stl file? Parameters such as: layer thickness, print speed, print speed on perimeters, print speed on 1st layer, speed change on varying width, travel speed, maximum travel length without retracting. Thanks in advance for your help. I need this info to adjust settings slicing software.

@smallfry for most of the print settings it will be specific to your printer. There is some advice in the printing section at the bottom of this page https://build.openflexure.org/openflexure-microscope/v6.1.5/docs/#/0_printing .
The most important thing is to disable supports. The layer thickness is 0.2mm. The design has a lot of bridges, so these need to print well. In the full STLs there is a just leg STL to test the printing parameters on bridges.

I printed my parts on a Prusa Mk2.5 using Amazon basics PETG with the standard settings in the Prusa slicer. I loaded the files into the slicer, exported the GCode to an SD card and printed from the card. The only problem I met was in printing the actuator tools which I had to do 3 times because the nozzle bumped into the printing parts. A change of filament cured this problem.

I’m incredibly impressed with the microscope body, quite the most complex part my printer has printed.

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