Putting together kits

For some reason, I have a lot of extra parts after putting my microscope together. As such, I am putting together kits. Please ping me if you are interested.


I can do basic kits (screws and such) or get more complex (print out the parts).

I also just ordered the Sangaboard V0.2 (I like the idea of having just to put in an Arduino and chips). I have plenty of extras.

One thing I didn’t get was the optics (yet). I am still working on it.

Kits would probably be available in about 45 days.

Please let me know if you are interested.


Happy to report that the Sangaboards v0.2 are in.

I just started on this venture. Last few times I took on a build, I failed to do a spec sheet to map it out. Do you have a build list with parts include what you print vs what you buy?

I am also interested in your extra printed parts. I have an Ender 3. The first tools I printed from the STL files in the build documentation came out pretty bad. I have the 100x objective and have succesfully printed out the piece that holds it. That print came out fabulous.

At any rate, I would like to know more about your build and how we can help each other. I am running all of this by the way, on raspberry pi’s so bare with me lol

Welcome to the Forum. The non-printed parts are listed on the openflexure.org web site.home page>openflexure microscope>build a microscope>assembly instructions>obtaining non-printed parts.
The build instructions for each microscope section tell you what needs printing.