I made a video of my microscope build

I made a video of my experiencing building my microscope and wanted to share it here in case it could be helpful to others. This build is for:
RPi 4, Pi camera v2, basic illumination with condenser lens, Nano with separate motor controllers.

I am thrilled to be able to say that people found it on YouTube already who are building their own and it was helpful to them.



This is fantastic Vince. Touches on a lot of the points I was looking for.

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Thanks for this! I’m having trouble removing the lens from the pi v2 camera … the removal tool that is shown in the guide is different from what you have and even different within the guide itself …

I have a very small round tool (not the larger one that you show in the video).


Edit: the guide mentions the tool is included within the camera - but it wasn’t in my case

yeah, I received that bigger removal tool with my Pi Camera v2. This is the link to the exact one I ordered (in US):

Although the smaller printable tool shown in the guide is a little harder to use, it worked for me also. You might need to flip it around so it grabs the correct direction for removal.
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Gotcha. I bought the same item from amazon, I guess they no longer include it. I ended up using the small printed tool and it worked after some patience and effort. Thanks for the reply!!

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Hi Vince,
Great your video.
Today I received the last parts to build the microscoop.
For the motorcase I printed the new version of this.
In the weekend we will finsh the assembly of the microscoop.

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Welcome Jo! I am glad it was helpful.

Hello Vince and everyone else,
I followed the exact steps you included on both of your videos. However, I am having trouble uploading the arduino sketch to the Arduino Nano with Processor ATMega328P. I have uploaded the Sangaboard sketch (Sangaboard firmware) onto the nano, however I get an error message that says “StepperF_alt.h: No such file or directory” I am aware that this is a library that needs to be included onto the sketch manually. I have installed the other Adafruit libraries too so I think the StepperF_alt.h is the only one that is missing.
Is there any way you can include the steps you followed to load the software onto the microcontroller. I already installed the raspbian OpenFlexure os onto the raspberry pi 4 and it seems to be working fine. I tested the pi camera using OpenFlexure connect and it seems to be working fine too. The only thing left to do after following your video and reading the documentation on the OpenFlexure repository is the stepper motors.
Thank you.

Hi Carlos,
I’m not so familiar with this, however in my case it was easy
After installing the arduino IDE on my laptop, I only loaded the sketch into the arduino.
See screenshot.
image .
In my case 2 stepperfiles are included into the sketch.
Did you downloaded the latest version.