I made a video of my microscope build

I made a video of my experiencing building my microscope and wanted to share it here in case it could be helpful to others. This build is for:
RPi 4, Pi camera v2, basic illumination with condenser lens, Nano with separate motor controllers.

I am thrilled to be able to say that people found it on YouTube already who are building their own and it was helpful to them.



This is fantastic Vince. Touches on a lot of the points I was looking for.

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Thanks for this! I’m having trouble removing the lens from the pi v2 camera … the removal tool that is shown in the guide is different from what you have and even different within the guide itself …

I have a very small round tool (not the larger one that you show in the video).


Edit: the guide mentions the tool is included within the camera - but it wasn’t in my case

yeah, I received that bigger removal tool with my Pi Camera v2. This is the link to the exact one I ordered (in US):

Although the smaller printable tool shown in the guide is a little harder to use, it worked for me also. You might need to flip it around so it grabs the correct direction for removal.
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Gotcha. I bought the same item from amazon, I guess they no longer include it. I ended up using the small printed tool and it worked after some patience and effort. Thanks for the reply!!

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Hi Vince,
Great your video.
Today I received the last parts to build the microscoop.
For the motorcase I printed the new version of this.
In the weekend we will finsh the assembly of the microscoop.

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Welcome Jo! I am glad it was helpful.