Microscope interface unreachable via browser, but I'm connected via SSH

I was trying a new camera, plugged in my microscope, and then tried to connect as per usual, but the web interface would not open. (Unable to connect, cant establish connection to server)

I pinged the microscope and was able to reach it, and even to SSH into it, so it’s definitely connected and running, but for some reason the web app is not starting.

Is there some way to try to restart the web app through the Raspberry shell?

I’d rather not have to take the microscope apart to flash the drive again, though that’s my second option.

You should be able to re-start the Pi from SSH. To restart the Openflexure server use ofm restart or ofm stop then ofm start.

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Thanks. That didn’t work, but re-flashing the SSD did. Problem solved :slight_smile:

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