OpenFlexure connect and Raspberry Pi ethernet connection

I have a problem with connecting to openflexure stage by entering https://microscope.local.
My Raspberry Pi is connected via ethernet cable to the internet, wifi is turned off.

How to fix it?

There are three possible reasons, other than an actual issue with the Pi connecting to the network.

You definitely need to have the port :5000 at the end, as microscope.local:5000

From the setup advice on the address is given as http://. It may be fine either way, or it may automatically fail over if you put https://, but it may not.

The microscope name is set as microscope.local in the microscope server but on some networks the .local is somehow trimmed off. On my network the microscope appears at microscope:5000 instead. You could also look at the Pi to find its IP address and use that explicitly instead (as also shown in the page linked above)

Also, https may not work: the connection is not encrypted so you should use http://microscope.local:5000/. Also, if you’ve connected it to the internet (e.g. a router) with the cable, it’s worth making sure your computer is also connected by cable to the same router. Some routers don’t forward mDNS packets over WiFi, so devices on WiFi may not be able to “see” devices on wired connections, and the other way around.

Connecting a computer and the microscope directly to each other with an ethernet cable is a good way to check things.

Probably there is a bug in code, the restart of Raspberry Pi solved the problem.

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Glad it self-resolved for you - but I agree it’s a bit unsatisfying that that’s what is required. It may also be some funny network issue that meant it didn’t work until you rebooted, However if the problem has gone away I guess you can’t do any more debugging :slight_smile: