Unconference Session 2: Future projects

We’ve got a microscope, a delta stage, and a block stage - what else should we apply the OpenFlexure approach to?

We talked a lot about the delta stage.

Also, how do we test the quality of motors? Some people on the forum have had issues, there are lots of different suppliers and clearly not all are reliable.

Objective swapping: having a multi-objective microscope would enable a bunch of new use cases, and compete more directly with conventional microscopes.

Upright: the new upright design will be something a lot of people want, Paul was really happy to see it exist.

It would be good to have a mechanism to position the sample on the microscope - sometimes the sample clip is a problem. Having the Z axis as one piece (i.e. not having a separate optics module) could be useful, you wouldn’t have to fiddle about to align the position of the optics module.

Colour choice matters - more “medical” colour schemes are great to increase acceptance.

Written protocols for different functionality would be great, e.g. documentation for adding a fluorescence module.

Other motors instead of the 28BYJ-48. What about NEMA11? NEMA17?

Constant current supply for the LED

Enclose the camera cable (upright version)?