ETA for microscope kits?

Hi All,
I’m so impressed by the openflexure project and community! I’m coveting a fluorescent version for my lab, but need to start making a simpler model first.

What sort of timeline can we expect for microscope kits from openflexure industries? That would hugely reduce the barriers to entry for me and colleagues.


If you’re based in the UK, and don’t mind a week or two of lead time, OFI can currently supply the mechanical parts, condenser lens, and printed parts.

We don’t yet have stock (or CE marking approval) for the electronics, and we don’t have stock of the objectives/tube lenses/fluorescence filters. We also don’t have a web shop yet - but if you would like to order a kit, send us an email. I’m back from the Christmas break now, sorry if you’re waiting on a non-response!

The lack of optics means we probably can’t supply a fluorescence microscope just yet - we could supply the plastic bits but there are currently efforts (@samuelmcdermott @JohemianKnapsody) to redesign them and make them much better, so you might be best waiting on that for another month or two. The fluorescence version is currently best when used with the delta stage rather than the standard microscope - that may be worth bearing in mind if you fancy building a basic one then upgrading.

Thank you! I’ll email OFI with a request.

I’m new to 3d-printing so planning to start with the basic model before thinking at all about the fluorescence model. and happy to end up with 2 scopes at the end of that.