OpenFlexure Delta Stage v1

Today we are launching the Delta Stage v1!

The Delta stage has been refined and is now a fully functional microscope. Thanks to everyone who has given their feedback on the previous designs.

Improvements include:

  • Refined body design, requiring less plastic, a shorter print time and leaving more space around the optics module.

  • The optics module is now specially designed for the Delta Stage, so that the camera is correctly oriented for the stage geometry.

  • The base now has better ventilation and SD card access hole.

  • Reflection illumination is now supported and the reflection illumination module is more stable.

  • Illumination using an LED grid is now available (experimental stage).

  • The documentation is now complete and has a Bill of Materials.

  • There are now logos on the main body!

  • 35mm petri dish holder adapter for the stage.

  • The Delta Stage can now be controlled using the familiar OpenFlexure software (requires server version>2.7).

All the components are compatible with the previous version, so if you just want to change the main body, it’ll work fine with all your other existing components.

Hope you find these improvements useful, as always if you have feedback, you can write an issue or use the forum.


:openflexure: Fantastic news! :openflexure: Thanks for all your hard work Samuel!


Hi Samuel, I just found the openflexure website, and want to print one of the microscopes. Since the Delta stage is a microscope it seems, is that one the preferred one to build? It seems to have some advantages over the actual microscope.

Maybe a small table showing the advantages and disadvantages of each? Let me know if that is possible.

Fantastic idea, we should get on that.

My summary would be the “standard” microscope is much more tried and tested, more compact, easier to understand the mechanics, can be operated by hand. The benefit of the delta stage is the optics are in a fixed position which allows you to mount more and heavier optics, or to even couple in external optics.

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Thanks, I looked up a bit more. I want to be able to do both transmission and reflected light microscopy, so I should go with the delta stage at the moment.