Sourcing non-printed parts

I guess as long as they meet the openflexure requirements in the documentation it should work (mainly the 160mm tube length, and the RMS thread). Also, I may be taking you up on that offer for a condenser lens in the future!


Thanks for the useful comments. I’ll be happy to let you have some condensers when they arrive.



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I’ll post here what i was buy later.
Many thank for sharing your link.



I have spare condensers. How many do you need?



Here some of my aliexpress links for some of my parts:
I’ll update my post where some nex partsz come in France form China…
All links are some working parts form me!

Fixing hardware parts

*3x M3x25mm [hexagon head screws] stainless steel

-1x [M3 steel nut]
-8x [M3 stainless steel washer],
-3-14x [M3x8mm cap head screw]
-2-4x M2x6mm cap head screws
I have used this Box, not all fixing but the most.
I have buy some separatly like these:

6x M4x6mm button head screws


Electronic parts:

Warm wite leds


Opticals parts:


12.7 50mm acromatic lens


I hope it’ll a good help for makers :wink:

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Just another source,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

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Regarding the objective that you chose:
I don’t understand the difference between the type A and B is it simply the exterior look ?

The specifications look to be the same, they are all plan 160/0.17. Also if you flick between the photos of the A or B 10x, the length and the shape of teh actual lens seem to be the same, it is just a different stly case.

Hi All, I recently got an email from Kozo optics who said they’re willing to ship small orders of objective lenses and quoted some pretty reasonable prices. I’ve not yet tried any of their products, but I thought it was worth sharing a link in case it’s preferable to aliexpress for anyone.

If anyone does try out their objectives, do post here so we know they’re good!