Build notes for high resolution optics

I recently finished my build using high resolution optics.

Thank you to everyone who created this project.

I took a few notes on hiccups I ran into:

  • I had trouble figuring out what to buy for the condenser lens. Eventually, I found a picture in the assembly instructions. It would help to have that picture here as well: OpenFlexure Documentation

  • My download of 3D printed parts was missing the Lens Tool and the Pi Camera 2 gripper.

  • I used the new Pi Camera v2.1 rather than the v2 mentioned in instructions. It seems ok.

  • The instructions for attaching the illumination dovetail omit the two holes that exist for brass nuts. To get the screws to reach the nuts, I had to omit the washers.

  • There were no instructions for assembling the sample riser. I ended up using M3x8 screws.

  • The parts list for the high resolutions optics asserts an M3x10 screw, but links to the parts details page for M3x8. I used an M3x8 and it seems to work ok: OpenFlexure Documentation

  • There are no instructions for the base of the microscope. It looks like the RPi 4 needs M2.5 screws and I have a bunch on order now. I’m guessing that the body and base attach using M3, but I have not confirmed.

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Hi @nieksand ,

thanks for that - I have a snagging list for the V6.1 instructions and we have a few changes queued up already for a 6.1.6 release; I will link to this post in that thread and hopefully we’ll be able to incorporate these.