Kits for sale!

Hi Everyone,

@r.w.bowman and I are really happy to announce that OpenFlexure Industries is now ready to sell kits. We have two kits:

  • Illumination and fasteners kit (nuts, bolts, viton bands, plus the PMMA lens and wired LED)
  • Printed parts kit

We currently don’t have the stock/capacity to be selling optics like the objectives or tube lenses, or the electronics.

Unfortunately due to logistical hurdles for such a tiny company we are only able to ship to the UK. We are in talks with possible suppliers that in the future should be able to sell similar kits in other regions. We are really keen on supporting distributed manufacturing rather than shipping parts across the globe.

You can find the webstore at
Stock is somewhat limited, but we will work as fast as we can to replenish it. We have also created a discount code for the printed parts kit. If you want £2.50 off enter the code FORUMFRIEND

Thank you

Do you have any plans to sell the block stages too? This would be a really useful link for me to forward to people!

Hi Kerri,

Great idea, we will get that set up soon! In the mean time if someone wants OpenFlexure parts you can get them to email

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Thanks, have forwarded :smiley: Hopefully some friends with discounts coming in soon!