Sangaboard v0.3 for sale?

Any recommendations for how to get a sangaboard v0.3? Someone having one on stock?

The v0.3 we did a small run as the university. We have also set up a small company that will at some point be able openflexure stuff. The issue with making and selling the board is that it is not CE/FCC marked, which we are working on. It should be possible to have one made and assembled by a board house - @kaspar can this be done automatically on Kitspace?

(@Latsbben I edited your post replacing “v3” with “v0.3” since there is technically no v3 yet – hope that’s ok)

The only way to get assembled Sangaboards at the moment is to make them yourself or pay someone to make them for you.

I had v0.4 prototypes assembled by JLC assembly. v0.4 has some, what I suspect to be, minor issues though. I haven’t been able to sort these out without a lab/workshop due to COVID-19. doesn’t link to assembly yet. We are now actually working on doing a proof of concept for organsing group-buys though. If there is enough demand on this forum we could use this as a first test.

We would need about 20 people interested in partial and untested assemblies of v0.3. Have to stress the partial and untested part of this as JLC will only assembly certain surface mount components, the rest have to be soldered on yourself. The assembly excludes all the connectors. The micro USB connectors require at least an intermediate skill level with a soldering iron.

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PCBway have cheap assembly for low volumes, I think this does through whole too?

I asked a local manufacture if the could make 10 pcs of the board. They can do it but it costs me 200 euro per board. Obviously the cost will go down if we can order a larger volume. I also see that I can bring the price for the achromatic lense down from 80 USD to 8 USD if I order 100 pcs from China.

Hence there could be significant cost saving if we band together. Airmine, the company I work for, would be interested in putting some larger order and help out with the organisation if more people want to join in.

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@Latsbben Help getting the order quantity up would be awesome.

@kaspar What kit do you need to do the v0.4 testing. I might have enough kit at home that I can lend you?

Anyone know approx. cost per board if we order 10 pcs from PCBway or JLC? @kaspar: thanks for correcting :slight_smile:

PCBway have cheap assembly for low volumes, I think this does through whole too?

Yes, but not as cheap and turn-key as JLC unfortunately. I can get a quote from JLC and we can compare.

I made an announcement so people can register their interest:

I need to desolder and re-solder some surface mount capacitors. I could go into Hackspace to do it but have been vary of doing so.

I have a soldering iron, but it is not the most fancy, it is temp controlled with a fine tip, but not of awesome quality. I was hoping you needed a scope or something.

No, I need to use a hot air rework station. Will need a scope when that inevitably doesn’t fix it but they have those at Hackspace too.