Sangaboard v0.4 questions

Hi guys, I am planning to build a few microscopes. I posted the same on Gitlab but didn’t get any answer. This forum seem to be more active.

The v0.4 was last updated 7 months ago so I guest it’s Okay to build and use it? Or is v0.3 more stable?
The R19 is said to be DNP in 1-click-bom and jlc_pos but other files including schematic and jlc_bom said otherwise. Should I populate R19 or not???

I have no idea about electronics so excuse me if these seem trivial.

P/S: Brass M3 nuts and DIN 933 M3 bolts are difficult to find so contact me if you are interested in a kit of sort. I’ve already order a bunch of them.

Hi @Hades_Corps,

I also have little experience with electronics, but the Sangaboard v0.2 was very easy to assemble and gets the job done. Unless you really want the newer versions.

DIN933 m3 bolts were impossible to find in Norway, or from any of the big distributors that have deals with my university. It was actually the only component I couldn’t find anywhere. Glued nut at the top worked fine though.

As far as I know Sangaboard 0.4 is not yet stable. V0.3 should work if you are able to build it. The motor controller using an Arduino nano also operates the microscope well. It is just not as compact, but someone in another thread has designed a microscope base to fit it more neatly.

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We have done a small test run of v0.4. It does not work. @kaspar is trying to work out what the problem is.

As @sverrgro said the v0.2 is easier to solder. The v3 requires some pretty skilled assembly. As @WilliamW says, the separate boards are the simplest option.

I hope it wont be tool long before the boards have been tested and CE marked and we can bulk make a load and sell them.

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Thanks for the info. In that case I’ll wait for the next version to come out. For the time being I’ll use the separate board with the exception that I use Arduino Pro Micro instead of Nano.
@WilliamW @sverrgro Thanks for the tip and info.

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An update for those who are interested in v0.4. We have identified a part specification error which caused the prototypes to fail. This has been manually fixed on a couple of test boards and they have started working. We have not tested all the functionality yet (such as using it as a Pi Hat).

Hopefully we can get them tested and set up a group buy with Seeed in the new year.