Sangaboard advises

I need some advises for Sangaboard. What is the way to order? is it difficult to solder? What is the price to order the board an all components? Anyone have some advises and some pictures of the boards finished?

Using an Arduino nano (or Uno) and the H-bridge motor boards that usually come with the stepprr motors is the cheapest option. It is quick to put together with a few jumper cables. The power distribution to all the boards may require soldering, and it is not neat.

The various Sangaboards make it neater, but need progressively more electronics experience to build. The actual functions for the microscope are the same for the separate Arduino or for Sangaboard v0.2 or v0.3. Note v0.4 does not currently work.

v0.2 is pretty easy to solder if you can get the components and the board made. v0.3 is much more advanced surface mount assembly. As William said, this is the simplest option:

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Ok, I’ll do the more simple solution with this shield:
Nano shield

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