Register your interest in a Sangaboard group buy

Sangaboard is a well tested and well used board for motor control that we use in all of our microscopes. We don’t currently have the capability to sell these (most recently brought up on Sangaboard v0.3 for sale?). Kitspace / Openflexure Industries Inc / @Latsbben Airmine could organise a group buy though if there is enough interest. We would share any profit with Valerian Sanga/STIClab, the designers of the board.

We could do this through very cheap and partial assembly, meaning you have to solder some components (including fairly difficult micro USB connecters) on yourself and make sure it works. Or we could do a full assembly, so you don’t have to do any soldering, which will mean it’s more expensive and will take us longer to organise. For both of these options we need to know that there is enough interest to go ahead. Please register if you are interested in either/neither or both.

Are you interested in either/both:

  • Untested sangaboard with only most surface mount components soldered
  • A completely soldered and tested Sangaboard

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