RasPi Pico instead of Arduino Nano?

Hello Community,

Tldr: Can i switch the Arduino Nano for a RasPi Pico if i have absolutely no idea how to do anything with microcontrollers?

i am new here and trying to put together my first microscope. It is not a delta-stage it is… the other… i just don’t know what it is called.

I printed the files from the configurator with the options “Basic with Raspberry Pi”, “Motorised” and “Bucket-Base” enabled. Also i chose “no riser”. The files all printed fine (Thanks Prusa).

I have a question about the motor controls:
I ordered a Arduino Nano, but got an Arduino Uno R3 instead. I have a RasPi Pico laying around. I don’t know too much about Microcontrollers, but from what i have read the RasPi Pico is much more powerful in most regards.

Can i switch one for the other? Has someone done this before?

Thanks in advance.

@Jumpmobile welcome to the forum, and I hope you enjoy your build.

The microcontroller in the Uno R3 is the same as the Nano, so that will work fine. It is just physically larger. You will need to look a little more closely at the wiring as the the pins have the same names but are in slightly different places on the Uno compared to the Nano.

The RasPi Pico has a different flavour of microcontroller. It should be perfectly capable of doing the task, but the code has not been designed to run on it.

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Thank you! I will go with the Uno then.