Sample Riser for Delta Stage and Motor Control

Hello I am building a scope using the delta stage. However, I could really use a sample riser and I was wondering if there was one already available like in the other OFM version. I have attached some pictures showing my problem.
Also, where could one get a hold of a Sangaboard that works on the delta stage and if the board is not available can one move the stage in XYZ using the Arduino Nano and the Raspberry pi?

Thanks any thoughts or comments would be really appreciated!!

Hi @CarlosZL that’s interesting - are you using the latest version of the delta stage, and if so what is the parfocal distance of your objective? It’s designed for 45mm parfocal I think, so it’s a bit surprising if yours is taller than that.

I don’t know if we did make a sample riser, @samuelmcdermott would know best. It’s not a difficult thing to add if not, though it relies on someone who’s happy with the OpenSCAD finding time to do it… Do you know what thickness you’d need? It looks like just a few mm, if that’s the case is it possible for you to simply slide the optics module down a bit, or have you run out of adjustment there?

Yes. An Arduino Nano will do the same as the Sangaboard, linked to the Microscope Pi by USB. Instructions should be here: Motor controllers (

There isn’t a sample riser as we don’t need one for the 45mm parfocal. I can make one easily if necessay, just let me know of the height you need. If you are comfortable with openscad, the best file to start for inspiration is the petri dish holder. You can make the stage adaptor base of the correct height and remove a cylinder from the centre.

Hello Dr. Bowman,
The parfocal length is 45mm and yes I’ve run out of adjustment there because if I lower it just a tiny bit then the optics housing can’t attach to the OFM body and ends up sliding downwards. Yeah I just need a few millimeters like 10mm and I should be good to go. Unfortunately, I have not used OpenSCAD before. Also, I am using the latest version of the Delta Stage.

Thank you I will try that that is very helpful.

I am not so familiar with openSCAD but all I need is 10mm and I should be okay.


I’ve made the riser now. It’s not yet in the normal webpage, but you can donwload and try it out from here and please let me know if there are any issues:


I have just spotted that you have designed your own optics module with the Pi HQ camera. Is that working well?

looks like it might benefit from a taller base, or some standoffs between the body and the base?


yes it’s working well

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Also, apologies to the late reply I was pretty sure I had notifications/alerts on.

The 10mm sample riser is now (as of v1.2.0) included in the Delta Stage assembly instructions.