Arduino Nano: Did someone find a way to supply it directly from Raspberry?

the page of OPF is amazing, but when its comes to explain how to connect, mount or supply the arduino, if you dont get the sangaboard, its a true hell. I spent hours trying to figure out the best way and example cause none are in the page. just a brief explanation and the map.

Hi @Drantoine, I am sorry that this is not clear.

Once the motor controllers are connected to the nano (as here), the nano is powered and connected to the Pi by USB. The motors will need a separate power supply as they can take more current than the Pi can supply safely.

You have to connect over USB because the Pi GPIO is 3.3V and the Arduino pins are 5V.

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Thank you, i was wondering why with the sangaboard it was only one power supply but I get it now. Plus, i figured it out but, it is possible to add a picture of how look at the end the nano converter plate with the microcontrollers for other people? :grin: Thank you again.

@drantoine I am glad that you sorted it out. We do need more detail in the wiring instructions. Currently I have been making some modifications to the parts so that more different motor control options will fit. It might be more help if I had spent the time getting the versions that currently fit better documented…

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Step by step, i know you have a lot of work now and have done an amazing one :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:. First off all thank you for it.