Phase contrast imaging

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I’m interested on testing OFM phase contrast imaging on soil samples. My idea is to scan soil samples and stitch images to make some sort of soil microlandscapes ( ala Winogradsky). I’ve made a few experiments with a regular OFM (RPi optics) and the Image composite editor software.

→ second image is a 25 images composition. first image is the upper left corner of the composite (foreground fungal hyphae filament)

I will like to try something similar but with phase contrast
On this OFM issue about phase imaging @j.stirling pointed that you @samuelmcdermott have made some experiments but I have only found this lead in the repository. Not sure how to use it so… Sam can you please share how did you setup the microscope to do phase imaging? And maybe some clues on how to run the script?


The answer was already there …
for phase imaging must use the delta version
Building instructions
LED grid illumination
Thanks for your awesome work


Sorry I missed this before! Yes using an LED array is currently set up for use with the Delta Stage (although can be easily adapted to the standard microscope). It’s currently quite experimental as I develop it and try to refine it and its associated extension, so if you have some feedback let me know!


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There is also some detail in this issue on Gitlab from a student project. They only had two LEDs but were able to synchronise them to the camera capture to give a more ‘real time’ DIC capture. Some of the code is on Gitlab.

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