Phase contrast microscope on cell samples

Hi everyone, I have recently built a transmitted light and brightfield delta stage microscope, following exactly the instructions on the website. I was wondering if there was anyone using phase contrast imaging and possibly what changes need to be made in terms of components and geometry,
Thank you for your attention

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Hello, Great to hear you’re progressing with the delta stage! The instructions for the phase contrast with the delta stage can be found in the led grid page. You will only need to change the illumination of the brightfield setup. Some examples of it in use can be seen in our pre-print. Let me know how you get on and how it can be improved!


Thank you for your reply. Before proceeding to modulate the lighting part, I would like to have confirmation that the lens I use is correct. For high resolution A finished conjugate achromatic plan is recommended, in my case I bought a finished conjugate achromatic 10x but NOT PLAN. What could change for the purposes of acquired image? Inviato da iPhone

A Plan Achromatic objective will give a better image at the edges of the field of view.