Delta Stage Microscope

I went ahead and made a close remodel of the OpenFlexure Delta Stage in Onshape since I don’t know OpenSCAD very well and cant really make custom modifications very easily. Along with this, I am working on modifications to use the new RPI High Quality with a 0.5 sensor I believe. I am trying to create a low-cost fluorescent microscope that can be used with an RNAScope or RNA tagging protocol. I am also going to do a few more modifications to allow for switching or rotating filter cubes automatically to allow for using multiple fluorophores for tagging the same RNA molecule to provide single RNA sensitivity.

I had a few questions on the optics design of the original OpenFlexure Microscope design. Is the cemented achromatic doublet lens meant to compensate for chromatic aberrations or is it just a tube length correction as listed in the build tutorial. If so do you think I could have issues with chromatic and spherical aberrations and do you have any recommendations for how to address these? I was also wondering if you had a diagram or dimensions for the distance from the objective and camera that the doublet lens was placed. Just trying to figure out how or if I need to modify these distances to work with the larger sensor or different tube lengths.

Thank you so much guys!

The tube lens gets the tube length correct to suit the objective lens and gets the image circle correct to fit the camera sensor. It is an achromatic doublet to avoid introducing more chromatic or spherical aberration. Microscope objectives are designed so that they do not need correction.

Starting on the journey to do the math myself in order to figure out how to shift it to work with the larger CCD size and my tube length. While im here though do you happen to have the math for that lying around if not no worries I might learn something.

Thank you!