OFM for multi plate well and fluorescence

Hi Everyone,
Hope the Pi shortages don’t have you down :pleading_face: . I’ve been a long-time follower and advocate for the OFM after building one a couple of years ago during lockdown. I was working in education and have been in the DIYbio scene for a while when i finally built it and it seemed like a no brainer to me when most schools are spending thousands on new equipment while only having an anual budget for STEM consumables totalling up to around $7k.

Now i’m looking to use the OFM as part of a large open course on cell culturing funded by a group called the Future Foods DAO. I literally started working on an outline today so it’s quite a rough idea at the moment.

The idea for the course is that it should be suitable (cost/background knowledge wise) to be run either in schools or in maker spaces. All the skills learned will be industry relevant and should be backed in turn by industry through some sort of digital certificate (badgr, credly, etc).

I was hoping there might have been someone who has tinkered with a multi-well version of the OFM? I’m still trolling the archives for posts related to fluorescence but am equally interested in this feature too.