Bandpass filters

Hi there,

I have been working on making the Delta Stage (transmission) for fluorescent imaging.
Was hoping someone could please advise on where the best place to get bandpass filters would be? I have the LEDs of the wavelegnth I need for excitation of my fluorescently labelled samples but can’t seem to find a good source for buying emission filters.
I am working with commonly used fluorophores (eg Hoechst Ex/Em 350/461 nm; Fluorescein Ex/Em 488/516 nm; Rhodamine Ex/Em 546/568 nm; Cell tracker red Ex/Em 577/602 nm and SulphoCy5 Ex/Em 649/670 nm).
Any and all help is appreciated.


Hi @srehman nice to hear from you! I used to always recommend Comar, but they are getting less good for small orders. ThorLabs is my usual go-to, but there are many companies selling them such as Chroma, Edmund Optics, and many more specialist suppliers. Usually they’ll sell the filters separately, so you’d need to pick a 45 degree dichroic (remembering that interference filters are usually angle-dependent: usually they will tell you the wavelength at 45 degrees and normal incidence), plus excitation/emission filters (at normal incidence). Are you happy with what you’d need from each filter? I don’t think there’s much OpenFlexure documentation about how to choose filters, but there ought to be something good on e.g. MicroscopyU, and if anyone knows a good link I should add it to the documentation somewhere…