Applications in biotech - micromanipupators and physiological bath

Wonder is there is a desire in this community to collaborate with Sensorica in adapting piezo-based micromanipulators, force sensors and a physiological bath for containing cells and other types of microorganisms.

I also want to share a family of projects that we have: Scientific Instruments

And our vision of open science, which is linked to our hardware design philosophy.

Hi Tibi,

I am always interested in open instrumentation projects. I was a core OpenFlexure developer for a number of years, before that I worked developing small force instrumentation in the Mass and Force group at NIST.

I would be happy to chat and discuss the project. I am now outside academia, so I would need to work out how to fund any development work I do. My CV is available on my website if you are interested in it.

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Hmmm… so you’re looking for a project that could also pay the bills.

At this moment we only have a small budget to produce 14 pressure sensor devices in collaboration with Breathing Games. Unfortunatly the funding is exclusively used for this limited production and requires physical presence at the Sensorica lab.

It’s a cool project with great potential though. It moves like a grasshopper, making one big jump and resting for a while. At this moment we’re flying again. A researcher at Montreal’s Children hospital is getting ready for a new study with patients. But this is an open source project. Seen from within the Sensorica network, this is also an open venture. An open venture means that there is an economic engine attached to it, rooted within the Sensorica OVN, benefiting from Sensorica’s model and infrastructure. In other words, you can consider it from the standpoint of a collaborative entrepreneur, building on all the past work and benefitting from everyone’s collaboration, from Sensorica’s infrastructure, etc. For instance, you can lead another deployment in another research center, with my help and the help of others, write a funding proposal, and you use Sensorica’s structure to steward that, or go alone, which requires more heavy lifting. Or you can develop a relationship with an NGO and bring this device and the therapy associated with it to the developing world, use their funding and the machinery of Sensorica to leapfrog.

There is no job in Sensorica. We are an open and collaborative network mixing science, engineering and what we call collaborative entrepreneurship. What I can offer is guidance into a bunch of projects/ventures at various stages of development and assistance to launch your own collaborative venture around one of them. There are great opportunities :slight_smile: The model is new and many don’t see the opportunity immediately. You can take a look around the Sensorica website and if you have more questions we can discuss.

Having said that, similar ventures can be built on top of OpenFlexture bundled with other open source scientific instruments projects, from Sensorica or from other sources. Sensorica provides a template for collaborative entrepreneurship and I can help with that. The idea here is that I see value in developing ecosystems of open source scientific instrumentation, i.e. interoperability, harmonization of user interface, etc. That can only be tackled within and entrepreneurial environment, where we consider economic and ecosystemic dimensions. If we focus on one project at the time we don’t serve open science as we should :slight_smile: There are too many projects that don’t talk to each other. Harmony emerges at a higher level. But open science cannot be well served by traditional IP-driven and profit seeking entrepreneurship.