Unconference Session 3: Scale-up and commercialisation

Building a userbase is important: at the moment, if you look for a 3D printed microscope we’re top. How do we make sure people find it if they search for other things? Examples and tutorials are super helpful - e.g. Searching for soil microscopy could find Nano, from there you can find OpenFlexure.

Upgrade paths are good too; it’s useful to know you can convert an inverted into an upright microscope without starting again from scratch.

We discussed the Sangaboard - how do we get to a place where it’s certified and working? Bill of materials issues have meant we don’t have one working, so we can’t EMC test it, so we can’t CE mark it.

Version control matters: how do you make sure you’re using the right version of a part, particularly when you have a bin full of prints.

@j.stirling et al., random coincidence, I just found this link again: Kits & Bundles
They may be interesting to talk to since they build small scale series productions.

They produce this smart glasses which - if I’m not mistaking - is also open-source:

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