Would this be considered a compliant device?

I didn’t realize this was a complaint device until I printed the main body.

I was already excited to find out this existed. Speaking of where does one find more open source projects of this sort. Like the MPCNC or anything that is a tool that even plebs can tinker with while using it. I think the microscope will be come more important in the farming world in the near future. The living soil world is changing the game in gardening and the understanding of the micro biology. These methods of collecting local biology to see the farm or garden are being proven over and over.

I think we all know how the chemical side of fertilizers and pesticides are not working. Food is much less nutritious and poisonous in some cases. You get the point.

Once this microscope is a bit easier to source parts and maybe some kits are out there this will be a prefect match for home gardeners.

This video is a bit old, but it’s a good understanding of what I’m trying to illustrate.


Soil biology is a great use for the microscope. There is a thread here with a great booklet on how to prepare samples and what to look for.
DIY soil microscopy workshop - General - OpenFlexure Forum
The link to the guide is below the pictures (English and Spanish versions)

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Definitely a compliant device! In many ways it’s a pretty simple one, because the compliance is concentrated in a few small hinge areas, rather than being distributed across the whole structure - but that makes for a much easier time designing the thing…