Stand with parametric thicknesses

I have edited the openscad file for the microscope stand and would be happy to provide the file either if it is of use to individuals or if project representatives want to utilize any portions of it. I mainly adjusted it for my own purposes… The goal was to allow parameters in the files to set the width of the main vertical walls or of the bottom. There is a variable in master that you might think would work, but it did not produce the desired results.

When I tried to print the normal stand, I had many layer splits. I print primarily with ABS, which is somewhat unforgiving - so even though I have been printing with it for many years, I tried to tweak settings and print again. The second print failed as badly as the first. Below are some images showing the results:

When I looked at the tool path in Slic3r Prusa Edition, I saw that it was problematic. The walls would print with one inner perimeter, one outer perimeter, and gap fill in between. Other slicers gave similar tool paths, just maybe omitting the gap fill. Regardless, that does not provide for a lot of bonding. I could probably print it fine with PLA, but any of the less forgiving filaments would likely have issues. You can see an image of the master tool path below:

To me, the easiest solution was to modify the scad file for the stand and then adjust the wall width until it produced what I expected to be a stronger wall. The final version included 6 perimeters and no gap fill. That results in much more single path overlap and layer to layer contact area. The adjusted tool path can be seen here:

Printing that resulted in much more solid parts. I printed a motor controller bucket, the main stand, and an unmodified microscope and they all fit together properly. For the limited use I have so far made of them, they appear to work fine. The new versions printed much better. This version does use more filament, but not as much as I used in the two failed prints…

Anyway… If there is any interest in the file, please let me know and I will be happy to provide it. I might, however, need instructions on how to do that. I had intended to just attach the edited scad file to this post, but do not see any option to do so.


This sounds useful, we do not usually use ABS which is probably why we have not seen this issue. It is a shame we can’t drop the files directly into the forum.

  1. If you are happy to make a GitLab account you can go to the microscope repository and click “fork”. This will give you a personal copy.
  2. If you are not comfortable with using Git, the easiest way is probably to navigate to the file you modified in the web interface. On your copy that file should have an “edit” button. If you click this you can paste in the contents of your file. And then commit changes at the bottom of the page.
  3. You can then submit a “merge request” for us to merge in your changes

If you have problems doing this please let us know. If you would prefer to just email the file that is fine, the nice thing about doing it by Git is that your contribution gets recognised in the project history.

OK. I think I have done that now - but git is very foreign to me. Let me know if you do not see it. It is definitely possible that I did something wrong since I have never done a merge request before.

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Wonderful! Yes I can see the merge request. I assign it to Richard as he is in charge of the microscope code base.

Thank you for contributing!