Sample riser outside thin outline walls


perhaps you have an idea. Right now I am building the HQ version and I’ve problems printing the sample riser.

The outside walls aren’t closed as you can see in the slicer preview:

Any idea how to change the settings(Simplify3D) so that the outline walls are printed as shown in the stl?


As on many photos of OFM builds, you are not the first one who runs into that issue.

I don’t know about Simplify3d, but in PrusaSlicer I get exactly the same effect. And when I enable “Detect Thin Walls” the slices are quite OK.


I wanted to report this to the tracker before. I guess the reason why nobody, including me hasn’t done it yet, is because it doesn’t turn out to be a big issue in practice. But it should be fixed anyway, if it is possible to change the hole diameter or make the wall slightly thicker.

That is what it looks like if printed, if I don’t enable “Detect Thin Walls”:

Just in case you wonder. It’s a modified version to hold a 35mm petridish. I have to reprint that part with slightly different geometry anyways, so I will test how it comes out with “Detect Thin Walls”.

@aurel Thank you! I found the settings for the thin walls and at least the walls appear a little bit thicker.

But as you stated the issue should be fixed in the model.

Thanks - I also sometimes notice this issue, and usually forget about it before I write it down, because it’s generally not a problem - I usually just snap off the bits of orphaned wall. You’re right though, it would probably be neater to make the counterbores slightly larger so those bits are gone altogether. I’d gladly accept a merge request for that - or if someone raises an issue to remind me, I’ll fix it next time I’m looking for an easy item to tick off my to-do list!

The counter bores would need to be oval rather than bigger, so as not to break the inner wall as well.

good point. Possibly what would be better is the convex hull of several cylinders, so the inner edge stays the same but the outer edge is moved out.

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