Staining and Fixation of Specimen

As you all know, a microscope has very limited function there is no staining. I just built my open flexure, any opinions on what stain to get? Consider I am at home environment, with lab glasswares, what kind of non toxic stain is the best for me?

Welcome Tom. It seems that there are too many hardware people like me here and not so many amateur biologists. This web site gives a few ideas that seem to make sense from my limited understanding of biological staining.

With chemicals of ‘common use’ there are large variations over time and in different jurisdictions as to what is considered safe and appropriate for home use. It may be that the fish remedies in particular are not universally accepted, and allowed food dyes certainly vary in different countries.
Always read the label :slight_smile: .


I actually know quite a bit about microbiology staining uses (ie. how to differentiate organism. with stain and culture, microbiology stuff), but not much about the practical side.

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