Software release v2.10.0b2

I’ve released an updated beta of the microscope software. I’m going to try to stick to conventions, and stop adding new features between now and v2.10.0! I suspect the beta will become the release, unless anybody spots glaring problems - the only issue so far is that readthedocs is a bit out of date, which I’ll fix.

To get the latest version, open a console on your microscope (or SSH in) and run:

sudo ofm update
sudo ofm upgrade --pre

New features

  • Added support for ImJoy plugins (!120) This is a pretty massive change, and opens a lot of exciting opportunities, like integrated ImageJ among other things. Many thanks to Wei and Bene for making this happen!
  • Added a setting to disable the gallery (!120)
  • Scan parameters are now remembered in the “capture” pane (!132) @dgrosen I hope this is helpful, and sorry it took me so long!
  • The Capture pane now contains controls for the smart stack plugin, if installed ((!134)) (more on that when the paper’s available)

Developer changes

  • CI now fails if Pipfile.lock is out of date (!131)
  • The Thing Description and OpenAPI documentation are now valid, and much improved (!133)
  • Pytest XML reports are now recorded in the CI pipeline (!135)
  • The application is now packaged for every commit on master (!136)

Please do post here if you try it out and it works (or it doesn’t). Once a few people other than me have used it, I’ll mark this as v2.10.0!

NO abort BUTTON once task starts
Click to move, autofocus(may be others also) still functional during this process
Though in the picture , the Z number is 5,I have also tried with 9 too,but with the same results

I have a query …you stated in your post “The Capture pane now contains controls for the smart stack plugin, if installed (([!134 ]”, what is meant by “if installed”? Is it not bundled in the recent update? Do we need to perform some additional process before we can utilize this feature?

Thanks for testing that out. The smart stack code is a plug-in that is not yet ready to be part of the main distribution - we’ll share instructions on how to install it soon. I am surprised that you see the controls for it, given that I’m guessing you don’t have the extension installed. That is a bug I should fix - if you could raise an issue in the OpenFlexure-microscope-server repository on gitlab that would be very helpful.

The odd behaviour when the task is running is a bug I fixed already but am awaiting merge approval for - it’s a fault in the error handling code. I am hoping you only see this when you try to run a smart stack?

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