Software/Kinematics for DeltaStage motors?

I’m trying to build a modified DeltaStage, and I’m wondering what to do about the software. As far as I can figure it out, I’m supposed to use the usual SangaBoard sketch, right?

Has anybody done any work related to the Delta Robot kinematics? Maybe even extracted the equations with respect to the parameters in the OpenScad scripts?

The motor control is the same as for the Openflexure microscope.
@r.w.bowman put some comments about the motion formula in another thread towards the bottom.

Yes - use the same sketch; our plan is to implement basic kinematics in the Python script (but this is not yet done). As all the angles are fairly constant (nothing bends more than about 6 degrees) my plan is to try simple linear kinematics as described in William’s link. I’ve linked to the specific post