Delta Stage Drift data

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I know the original microscope paper included statemtents about the drift from a given position over a week or so, but I can’t seem to find any analogous data for the delta stage.
I was wondering if there is any data out there or comments about why it would be neglibly different from the original?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think there are any published measurements on stability for the Openflexure Delta Stage. The design components are largely the same as for the cartesian Openflexure Microscope. The actuators are the same design, although the geometry of connection to the platform is of course different and I think the lever ratio is also different from the actuators to the stage motion. I don’t particularly see that these differences would make it substantially better or worse for stability.

Overall it is likely that drift will be pretty similar to the drift measured on the cartesian version, but it would be useful to have some actual measurements.

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I’d expect, based on gut feeling rather than actual data, that the drift in the delta stage might be worse - there are more flexures involved in the relevant linkages used at non-ideal angles, so I’d expect the relaxation you see after a move might be a bit worse. I’m afraid I’ve not made any measurements of this. Building in stability/creep measurement to the microscope software is something I’m interested in; it would be fantastic to collect a big body of data on this, using instruments built independently in different places.