Shutdown option on OpenFlexure software

I’ve really been enjoying the openflexure microscope so far.

I would like to suggest a shutdown feature on the openflexure software so that we don’t have to SSH into the raspberry each time to shut it down.

I think it would be a simple option to implement.

What do you guys think?

@jc2450 Was one of these not added a while back?

Yeah so it should be in the About/Info tab. If it’s missing then I’ll need to look into why.

Does it make sense for it to be in an about tab? I am not sure what tab make sense, but about seems funny

Yeah I agree. I think it’s a result of how the app used to be structured, and it just got lost over time.

We should think carefully about where would make more sense. If users have thoughts this would be ideal.

It is in the About tab. A nice big button, when you have found the right tab.

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I should say (to developers), moving those buttons (or indeed adding a copy) to another existing tab is trivially easy. Adding the functionality to something else wouldn’t be too hard but won’t happen until the new year, and likely after I’ve gone.

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Thanks for the quick replies.

I have looked in the “About” tab a few times now but was unable to find the button.

Am I missing something?


Ah. I was in the web interface. It comes before Links in your screenshot.
It is there in the interface launched from connect V3.
Just updating to Connect 4.0 to check that

Edit: checked v4.0 it is there too.
Which interface are you using?

Hi William,

Merry Christmas.

I was using 3.0.2 version.

After reading your comment, I installed v4.0 and the button was there.

Thank you very much for your assistance!


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