Openflexure software does not boot

My Raspberry Pi boots, and I can see the openflexure software on the desktop and in the other tab, but when attempting to run it the hourglass symbol is displayed for a few seconds, then disappears and nothing happens. I can’t see anything in the taskmaster, but this is my first time operating a raspberry pi so I probably missed something.

I flashed the 64 GB SD card with the Raspbian Openflexure image from the build instructions using Balena Etcher, no errors, everything completed.

Sorry for the terrible “screenshot” quality. (Annet = Other).

Is the openflexure server application running? It should run automatically at startup as you are using the openflexure image.

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I would be interested in what the ofm log says. At a terminal type:
ofm log

Also, ofm upgrade will get you to the latest version.


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I don’t see anything that looks like an openflexure server process in the task manager, what should the process be called?

I get a warning that I don’t see in your screenshot.

I’m not connected to internet at the moment, IT won’t allow anything not Windows 10 on the standard ethernet ports, and I was very smart to get an old raspberry pi without integrated wifi. I haven’t updated anything since booting the pi, if that’s relevant.

I ordered a new raspberry pi 3, will test it on Monday (I hope) with everything updated.

Have you got a camera connected? If so, make sure it is properly connected. There are odd cable and connector faults that can make the camera fine in the RPi capture, but make the microscope openflexureEV client crash when it tries to open a video preview.

Yes, but I will double check!

I managed to snap photos using the terminal, so I guess the camera is properly connected.

I didn’t receive the new Raspberry Pi yet, I’ll update here if switching to a newer model solves the issue.

I moved the SD card to a new raspberry pi model 3. Without connecting to the internet or updating anything, everything works immediately. Maybe I got a faulty raspberry pi model 1, but it did boot up and the camera worked.

In any case, maybe it should be recommended in the assembly guide to get a newer model of raspberry pi, both because it is so much faster and because the integrated wifi is convenient.

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