Help/Guide pop up box issue

This partially visible help pop up on the right hand side is making other command buttons inaccessible. The other command buttons can be accessed only through the tab button. This issue arises when I am controlling the microscope over VNC.

will close the help button I think. That works in the web browser interface at least.

I have not worked out when this help tutorial appears. It appears to be random. It is a known problem, but it does not look as though there is actually an Issue raised in the repository. If you use GitLab, could you raise an issue describing what happens?

The tutorial should appear the first time you connect, but as the setting is saved in your “client”, if you connect from a different place, or if the microscope’s IP address changes, it will appear again.

Pressing escape should close it (William’s post seems to have deleted the crucial word).

I have fixed this in a merge request to the software, but there are currently some broken dependencies stopping me from releasing it. I am working on that and will try to release a fix soon. Hopefully pressing escape will get it working for you for the moment!

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The markdown interpreted the way I tried to write escape, but failed entirely :frowning: