Should the logo say "microscope"?

Hello, that was fast. Thanks for inviting me to this wonderful forum. I shall test it out by nitpicking: should the logo say “microscope”? It could serve as a discussion place for non-microscope openflexure hardware as well…

Edit: Nevermind, it’s been changed.

Yeah I just picked it in initial setup, but I made a new one as it was weird.

Honestly I think it should just say openflexure, but bigger…

How about this?



or bigger like @jc2450 said.


or bigger with forum as well


@jc2450 @r.w.bowman What do you think?

I like either 2 or 3, with a slight preferece to 2.

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There are two places that I want to be able to go to from some random place in the forum - the forum homepage and the project homepage. Both links are there, the logo takes you to the forum, so I think it should have forum in the words, so my preference is 2. The main project web page is just the address which is obvious.

@WilliamW You mean 3? 2 doesn’t say forum.

Yes 3, not 2. (numerically illiterate clearly)

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Good point William. I change my vote to the one that says forum


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