Animation of OpenFlexure development

I used to make an animation of the microscope repository. Maybe you can spot yourself!?


This is amazing! It’s very cool to see the project grow as more people get involved, and it’s also telling how much of it ends up being documentation rather than OpenSCAD. Also, I will definitely think of myself as a little spaceship working on OpenSCAD files with some sort of laser beam from now on!!

That is really fun. I am not sure whether it is space invaders rushing round zapping the bugs, or a version of one of the farming games where you are having to tend and feed the beasts. You need to enlist others or the virtual creatures will die. @j.stirling comes and goes in the animation: a helpful firefighter or injecting periodic chaos?

It is also a powerful illustration of the documentation of actions and activity that is embedded in Git.


I have both roles.

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