Seeed Studio XIAO Meets OFM?

Hey folks,

some people have asked me if it’s possible to use the XIAO Sense from Seeed Studio as a camera for the OFM. Why not?

Here a design suggestion:

Don’t have an OFM at hand, but perhaps somebody is keen to try it out? :slight_smile:
00_OFM_optics_picamera_2_rms_f50d13_lid.stl (111.7 KB)

00_OFM_optics_picamera_2_rms_f50d13.stl (2.8 MB)

Good luck!


potentially pretty useful :slight_smile:

I’m deep in the rewrite of LabThings at the moment, but once that’s done it will become massively easier to integrate new cameras/stages/extensions into the OFM software (though I realise you may not need or want the OFM software with that camera). I’d be curious to try it out, once I have emerged from my coding sprint…

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A coding sprint sounds fantastic. I made some Python adapters either for the serial or the wifi connection. Would love to embed that in some standard! :slight_smile:
Check this web-serial implementation. I guess one could drive the whole open-flexure in the browsr at ease :wink:

Thank you for sharing, @B.Diederich! I just sent those files to print. An XIAO arrived at the Institute last month. As soon as I have some pictures, I will share them in this post :slight_smile: