OFM v6 Logitech C270 - Hacking Instructions (Spanish version)

Hello everyone! :raising_hand_man:t4: reGOSH finished the first Spanish version of the Hacking Instructions for using the Logitech C270 with the OpenFlexure Microscope v6. Kudos to @topogarcia and @pcremades for leading the writing process.

I had the pleasure of helping to validate this documentation written in Argentina, building an OFM v6 in Chile.

This is great. I am updating the C270 web cam optics module for version 7 of the microscope to be more the same as the Pi camera version. This will give a lower magnification, similar to the Pi Camera basic optics version. Your first photo shows both the C270, and the Pi Camera mounted in the microscope, how do you find they compare in use? Previously people have said the C270 magnification is too much, which is part of the reason for modifying it. (eg USB Webcam Lens Spacers and Camera Platforms)

Current progress is on Gitlab at Lens spacers for C270 and Arducam B0196 (!309), there is a view app button image that will take you to the instructions for that merge request. The most recent STLs are linked in the customisations page.

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Thanks for the information @WilliamW! I haven’t used it for a specific application yet, just for documentation validation. Yes, the magnification is indeed bigger than the Pi camera.

Here is a test picture with the Logitech C270:

Here is a test picture with the Pi camera from the same sample:

Disclaimer: I took these pictures at different times, conditions, and illumination. I omitted calibration and other technical recommendations due to the short time for testing before the last workshop.

I will try to find a time to take better pictures with both sensors. Thanks again to the OpenFlexure team for working on this version!

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