Save images in raw format (e.g., tiff)?


I am using the openflexure from openflexure connect. Is there any way to change the format of captured images? I see that the standard is jpg. What does the ‘save raw data’ option do?

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Hi Giuseppe,
“save raw data” still creates a JPEG, but it has a big blob of raw data appended to it, as an EXIF tag. This is a non-standard format, but it’s what the camera’s firmware does. Once you have that JPEG+RAW file, you can extract the raw data with various utilities - I am not sure if there’s a standard one, I have my own slightly hacky version.

Having some code in the microscope so you can easily download a TIFF file would be quite nice, it’s just never been high-enough priority that I got round to doing it!

If you find a nice way to convert that JPEG into a TIFF, do post here - my code is at:

The readthedocs documentation should explain how to use it to extract the raw data.

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Hi Richard,

thanks for your message. I do think having the option to save images in tif/tiff format would be very useful in order to smoothly use 3rd party libraries that do not handle jpeg. I will have a look at your code - just a question, why is this not integrated in the microscope software?

time! It’s not something that a lot of people have asked for (perhaps surprisingly) and it’s likely to be quite slow. If you make an issue in the softwrae repository, I will add it into the to-do list (though I’m afraid it is quite a long list!).