First Timer - First Print v7 Questions

I am first-time printing v7.
Using a Prusa Mk4 and PLA filament.

I imported the main body into the Prusa Slicer software and set the supports to automatic-everywhere.

My issue is removing the supports: this is a beast of a job.
Should I print with less supports?
It’s just a big difficulty doing this.

Maybe the software added too much supports?
For example: the cavities for the X and Y movements have supports wedged in there all the way.
I suspect removing this will be a PITA.

Any suggestions regarding the supports?
Thank you.

PS: I tried to add photos yet I can’t because my account doesn’t have enough internet points.

I’m going to reprint the body. I just broke some bridges.

Oh well. :thinking:

It is designed to print with NO supports. Your prusa should be able to handle overhangs without a problem.

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Thank you @dgrosen ! :+1:

I am reprinting now with ABS and no supports.

I will update later on how this turns out! :fire:

I already have the raspberry pi, sangaboard, and servos/actuators.

I have to order the optics and camera.

My pleasure. I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but, You tell me how ABS works. in my experience it will not perform as good as PLA. ABS is a stronger material but less flexible. I made one and the stepper motors had a hard time moving the stage. PETG may be the best of both worlds, both flexible and strong, but never tried.



I’ll reprint with PLA then.

Younger me would give it a go.
Yet present-day me is trying to grab all the help I can.

Thank you for the heada up! :+1:
It makes sense that ABS is too stiff.

Another question: do you have a prefered source for the optics? Or should I hunt them down online?

I buy the cheapest I can find. There are several threads with links in this discord site and on the openflexure site. I made the mistake to buy the cheap semiplan objectives from Amazon instead of the recommended plan. It makes a lot of difference.

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Today I received a new roll of PLA.

Printing again.

Will update on how it goes! :+1::+1:


Well it printed beautifully!!

I used original Prusa (Prusament?) PLA filament.

I don’t know if the ABS did not print good because it’s not up to original’s quality… or because my inexperience mis-configured it.

Yet on to print the other parts now! :fire::+1::ok_hand:


In my experience ABS is harder to print with in general, it’s more sensitive to correct printer settings (e.g. enough cooling for good overhangs and bridges but not so much that it impedes layer adhesion), it will absorb moisture more, and it will warp a lot more than PLA (enclosure is very helpful and some claim needed to print ABS, though I have printed ABS without one).
Unless you need the extra strength or temperature/UV resistance of ABS, PLA is just much nicer to work with (and produces less toxic fumes).

Aliexpress is usually a good source for the optics, but it seems the US AmScope website also has the correct objectives for a fairly reasonable price. Someone on this forum also mentioned Surplus Shed which seems to have a good selection of lenses if you are in the US.


It looks great! is your printer enclosed?

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The printer is open inside my garage… and temps hover at 85-90 Farenheit.

I was talking with a friend that does a lot of 3d printing, and he says that yeah: ABS needs good temperature control, and it might had absorbed more humidity.

So, for now, I’ll stay with the PLA that has printed beautifully.
Tonight I hope to print out the “base” of the microscope itself.

Did you look at the release/bugs thread? There is a better base since v7.0.0-beta1 was released.
Links are in this post Sangaboard versions 0.3 and 0.5 difference - #3 by WilliamW

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ABS is tricky. Something tall like the OFM body needs an enclosure and all parameters dialed in. The layers will collapse if you dont do that.

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Thank you!
I believe I am running the “latest” as I downloaded the STL files on March 27th, 2024.

I’m about to print this new base… lets see how it goes!

The base finished and looks perfect!

This was with PLA.

When I tried with ABS it did not come out nicely.

Tonight I’ll print other parts :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: