PLA vs. Resin printing

Does it mater what material the flexure related parts are made out of? Would resin have the right material properties compared to a standard PLA?

The design is based around fused filament printing with PLA. The advantages of resin printing for being able to do more things without supports and having higher spatial resolution are not required. PLA at 0.2mm layer height works, is low cost and not too slow.

So are you saying printing in resin will cause mechanical issues? I just like the way parts come out better both functionally and cosmetically.

I have not seen a resin print done of a full body. It would be a good idea to do the test print of the just_leg_test.stl and see how it comes out. Do the bridges work (without supports) and does it move properly when you hold the bottom and push the top?

Thanks. I’ll print in both, compare and post my results.


That’s a great plan! Looking forward to hearing more! I’d love to share this with our materials interest group, too.