Openflexure license and commercialization

Hi all, I am happy to find out this forum to discuss about this microscope. I have successfully assembled a openflexure microscope for bright field imaging. My research work is in structured illumination microscopy and my lab has a patented component that can put structured illumination (SI) into current microscope. The lab may spin off a startup company on this SI component and it will be great to do this SI component with openflexure microscope. I am thinking we can sell the openflexure as a kit in the US (I know waterscope is doing this too in UK) and then sell our SI component kit (if of interest to others). Anyway, I am just curious whether CERN OH license allows selling such kit.


Waterscope did sell a few kits in the past. We recently started OpenFlexure Industries to sell some kits in the UK but we are still in the process of getting set up.

CERN OHL definitely allows you to sell kits/assembled products. As a reciprocal license if you distribute a modified version you should release the source/design of the modified component under the CERN OHL. Part of the CERN OHL states that you will not enforce patents.

However you can sell OpenFlexure components or an assembled OpenFlexure, and also sell your own proprietary structured illumination add-on.

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