Openflexure current build is here!

I am delighted to say that we are now able to have the current master development version of Openflexure available, thanks to @r.w.bowman. On large software projects this would be the ‘nightly build’ but the Openflexure code changes more slowly than that.

This is the UNTESTED and NOT STATIC current development version. As with the nightly builds of all projects it is not checked, not necessarily complete, and may change or may be deleted at any time. Please use it with caution.

The released build on the web site is the version that is static, is tested and where we shall try to note any bugs on this forum. It is available from Please use that version if you have any doubt.

How the ‘current build’ works
The current build will include approved versions of changes, including those that are mentioned across the Forum as being in ‘merge requests’. Any merge request that is still open will have a view app button to view the microscope built with those changes. Once a merge request is merged into the master development version those builds are deleted, and the changes are incorporated into what is now available as the ‘current master’ build at
If you don’t mind living on the edge then use this current master build. But be aware that it may be broken at any time - active developments can make the project incomplete for a while if there are major changes being implemented in different parts of the microscope. It may also change at any time, so if you do look at the current version and you will need to see exactly that same version again you will need to copy everything yourself.

All that being said, we are actively working from Beta1 towards a full V7.0.0 release at present, so developments in the rest of 2023 are almost all likely to be improvements in the instructions.