Ability to change the Objective Lens

The Openflexure microscope is really designed to be used for a single purpose. You can remove an RMS objective and change for a different one, or change the whole optics module from low-cost to the RMS version, or 160mm RMS to infinity, but this does require removing the slide and is a little fiddly. It is something to do when you change teh type of thing you are doing, rather than just to look at teh same object in different magnification. However having only one objective at a time is one of the reasons that the microscope can be so compact. With a robotic microscope for long-term observation or for slide scanning it is more usual to only need a single magnification.

There is a development prototype of a version with swappable optics from @rooksoup, which is in the repository in a merge request at https://gitlab.com/openflexure/openflexure-microscope/-/merge_requests/323. I am not sure how close this is to being a version that others are able to build yet.

It would make most sense to build a microscope in one of the standard versions first to get used to the build and operation. The swappable objective parts would just re-use the electronics and tube lens from a regular build and they fit onto a regular body. If you were looking to go down this route it would probably be best to build the cartesian microscope rather than Delta. Please note the bugs thread on the forum: Openflexure Microscope V7.0.0-beta1 released. If you decide to build the upright version in preparation for the swappable objectives, consider following the current master version where many of the bugs are attended to, and there are some other build improvements for the upright: Openflexure current build is here! - Announcements