USB Webcam Lens Spacers and Camera Platforms

Hi all,

I’m looking to modify my setup a little and use a usb webcam rather than the camera port and was wondering if anyone ever ended up making a lens spacer / camera platform that worked well with either the Logitech C270 or Arducam?

I tried out the Logitech stl openflexure already provides and it works/looks great, but I unfortunately need the lower magnification of the normal pi optics. I’m trying to adapt the regular lens spacer to fit the arducam I linked above, but I’m pretty much a novice at 3D modeling so I was wondering if anyone had already developed a good spacer/platform.

I tried searching the forums but couldn’t find anything. Cheers.

Hi @quigly, the Logitech C270 has options for RMS objectives which will give you the magnification that you want. The objectives themselves are pretty low cost - especially for the low magnification that you want. The tube lens can be the bit that is harder to get and higher cost.

We have not looked at the C270 optics recently, it is not on our core development path. Reducing the magnification means reducing the distance between the lens and the camera. Looking at the STL, for the V6.1.5 C270 optics, the camera is quite large and would interfere with the dovetail of the z-mount if it was higher up in the microscope.

Unless it could go so high up that it misses the top of the dovetail in a similar way to the Raspberry Pi camera. A test version of improved instructions at shows the render of the Pi camera basic optics in place. Putting the C270 up there might give an issue with space between the stage legs - it might only work on the upright version of eth microscope - with the camera above the stage.