OFM stepper motor covers

I designed this motor covers today. Printed using my new IDEX printer but can also be achieved changing filaments on a standard printer.

[EDIT] Uploaded new files. Fixed a glitch in the orientation and thickness.

XYZ OFM motor covers with logo.stl (1.1 MB)
OFM motor cover with logos.stl (716.4 KB)

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That is lovely!

That is super cute! Though, do they get hot? If you get hot motors or run it in a hot environment, things might get a bit melty…

printed using HTPLA. But I have not experienced the motors getting hot enough to melt the plastic.

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Still a work in progress. It looks like the OFM “1966 Batman edition”. Updated covers to fit with the cable tidies.

OFM motor covers with logo V1.3.stl (1.4 MB)