New article - "3D printed microscope promises bigger, better science"

Article that I haven’t seen anyone discussing before, about the use of the OFM in education in India

It talks about the challenges of getting suitable parts and making it as low cost as possible, including using a webcam instead of Pi Camera. Here’s a highlight:

The day all the pieces came together was momentous, not just for Rema but for her whole family. The first image she took was of a drop of milk. Thrilled at the sight of the dancing fat globules, she asked her daughter to run and bring her mother-in-law.

Once the elderly woman saw that her daughter-in-law had indeed been building a microscope in her room all these days, all her previous scepticism disappeared. ​“She cannot see that well, yet she remembered how to section a Vallisneria leaf with a blade and showed us the moving chloroplasts through the OpenFlexure microscope — this was an experiment she used to do when she was young. I cannot tell you what it was like to see an 85-year-old get so excited!”

edit: I’ve just noticed that the author is a member of our forum, @Rema. Thanks for sharing such a great story!


That is a very nice article. I wonder whether the developments of the webcam optics and manual body would help in that use.