Network error with new RPI camera

Hello group :wave:. I am wondering if anyone has encountered a “network error” with the new update. I am building :factory: another microscope and get a “network error” when using a rapberry pi V2.1 8MP camera but not with a V1.3 5MP. Also, the V1.3 5MP is impossible to calibrate showing a green screen. However, when I use the raspistill command everything looks good. :confused:

@dgrosen the Pi Camera V1.3 is not really supported any more Camera v1.3 not detected - Request Help - OpenFlexure Forum although the instructions do still say that it would work. The OP in that previous thread says it was not detected, you seem to be able to get it to work, but not calibrate. Which version of the server are you on? If it is not the pre-release, then the V2 camera also sometimes gets confused and calibrates to a green screen. You will need to manually delete the calibration as it is a state that it does not recover from with just re-running the recalibration. Make sure that there is plenty of light, low light seems to reproduce the issue quite consistently.

I don’t know about the network error.

Hi William. How do I manually delete calibration? Now the V2 camera is magically working. I think that fiddling with the cable connections helped. Still have the ugly green screen tones.

Cable connection issues on the RPi camera can be very hard to diagnose. Glad you got it working.

I have not got a microscope in front of me, I cannot remember the filename. It is one of the microscope config files and I remember finding it quite easily. If this is a new build, it may end up being simplest just to start again with the operating system.

The current software beta release has a new camera calibration which solves the green issue. If you are happy running the beta then that is the best solution.

Edti: I have just found that I wrote this in another thread " sudo ofm reset sudo ofm restart will clear most of the calibration from the server and give the calibration a fresh start." that would not need you to manually delete the calibration.

Many thanks again. I burned a new image and is working great! This is my 3rd microscope I build :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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